Testimonials: Here is what our customers are saying about Backyard Getaway… 

It is turning out beautifully. Even with the unexpected delays, you all have been a pleasure to work with. I really appreciate your efficiency with problem solving. We will certainly be working with you again!
Jenni Hudson, Sarasota, Florida

When we decided to build a pond, we visited every pond store from Bradenton to Venice. There was only one store that really took the time to listen to our ideas, questions, and needs. That was the Backyard Getaway. Lisa and Dave were more interested in encouraging us and guiding us than making a quick sale, and that is what sold us. We had an idea and they suggested various equipment. They explained why each piece was important. Lisa always checked for the most economical piece of equipment for our pond, and Dave was ready to assist with the installation. This is a family run business, and they make every customer feel important. They take the time to listen and offer a wide variety of suggestions. Monthly pond lessons are held for anyone interested. You can learn how to set up a small water feature in a few hours. There is also a Backyard Getaway Friends Club. There is no charge to join. Every month a different pond is featured. Members visit that pond for socialization and trade pond info. It is something we look forward to each month. Lisa and Dave Burns of the Backyard Getaway Store strive to make your pond experience fun and educational.

Ron and Denise Fugere, Sarasota, Florida


My husband Tom and I started a small Koi pond, then one day I saw an ad for the Backyard Getaway store and so I went there. Much to my surprise I met Dave and Lisa and they explained how they cleaned, serviced, maintained and built ponds. They also sell a very good quality of Koi and even help in how to care for them. I bought some Koi and decided to have my pond expanded. Dave and Lisa came to my home and they took their time explaining all possibilities and options. They  eexpanded my pond and it was great. They also taught my husband Tom how to maintain it. Since then we are avid customers and never have we met such nice, kind and experienced people in that field. We like them so much that they even did the pond where I work, by installing new filters for better filtration of the water. If you need any help in adding, creating, or expanding on your pond this is the place to call.

Minnie and Tom Rafferty, Sarasota, Florida


We have been working with Dave and Lisa for several years now. Dave did not build our original pond, but came and worked on it when we had problems. Recently, the pond had to be rebuild, which Dave did. Working with Lisa and Dave has really been a pleasure. They are easy to talk with, easy to work with and very knowledgeable. Their recommendations are always helpful. I would happily recommend their work to everyone.

Jim and Natalie Smith, Bradenton, FL


Backyard Getaway Stores! My S.O.S. Went out to Backyard Getaway, and, in one swift moment, I was convinced my water feature needs and problems could be solved, and, was certain they were the right choice for the challenge. After receiving three other estimates, The Backyard Getaway Store’s response was refreshing and professional. Their secret weapon? Simple. The folks at The Backyard Getaway Store clearly enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience, and are dedicated to designing and creating unique and impressive oases for their customers. Their willingness to work with their customers is obvious. The Backyard Getaway Store is happy to help any way they can. They offer classes for those wishing to create their own features, are available for any and all questions and support, and eager to assist if needed. Additionally, they stand ready to provide comprehensive services, from design through successful completion, always willing and able to incorporate a homeowner’s wishes at any stage. The Backyard Getaway Store, in my opinion, is a professional, top-notch, friendly choice for anyone’s outdoor dreams. They quickly proved their worth by demonstrating such a range of skills, and a work ethic, giving the customer the ultimate service— the gift of confidence. I can’t recommend Backyard Getaway  enough!

Ann Meyers, Sarasota, Florida


We first started using Backyard Getaway several years ago for supplies and advice. Recently Dave has helped us with a complete cleaning of our pond and rebuilding two waterfalls. When our pump failed, Dave was quick to respond and diagnose the problem. I have never been disappointed in the service or the advice we get from Dave and would recommend him highly. The price is always fair and the service excellent. 

Bill and Jeanne Hawthorne, Bradenton



you will not be disappointed we have been with Dave and Lisa since they first opened in Sarasota. We stopped in one day and Dave and my husband started talking and he advised us on how to help us clean up our small pre-bought pond and gave us some product to try. It cleared up within 2 days. That was about 8 years ago and we have been using them ever since. They are just good at what they do. They have since helped us remove that tiny pre-bought plastic pond and create a rock waterfall that flows down a little creek and rolls off into a beautiful custom built 1500 gallon koi pond. They are just really good people and they run a very successful business. They help other charities and are always putting tips and tricks on their website. All I can say is once you use them you will not be disappointed. Even after all these years of doing business they still deliver the same quality of service and kindness as if they had never met us before. I can honestly say I call Lisa and Dave our friends and I can’t wait for our next project together.

Chris & Curtis Mahoney Parrish, FL

My courtyard is soooo beautiful. Backyard-Getaway is a perfect name for you guys.  I am so happy with my water feature. I thank Dave and your awesome son, David, for making my dream come true!

Gwen, Parrish, FL



Dave and Lisa built a beautiful water feature on my patio. I live in a condo and am not allowed to build in the yard. However, I have a small patio which now looks amazing thanks to the waterfall that they made for me! Thank you to Backyard Getaway! Now I leave my sliding glass doors open all the time to hear the beautiful sounds of the water flowing and see the beautiful aquatic plants. It has made my condo feel like a house!

Sarah, Bradenton, FL

We love our terrapin pond. They did exactly what we wanted and were on time and on budget! It is beautiful!

 Leslie, Tampa, FL

I was so glad to find the Backyard Getaway store, and Lisa and Dave whom have been fantastic to deal with as well as a wealth of information. They always treat you like a friend and never make you feel as if you aren’t important to them. I had a pond built with another company from out of the area a few years ago, and was very unhappy with the equipement they supplied, so the pond was not ever clear. Lisa and Dave came over and looked and suggested a bead filter and it was soooo much better!! Also, from time to time I have called to ask advice and they always are more than helpful which now days is rare!!!! They truely are devoted to their passion for the koi and ponds and it shows in all they do. They have a great selection of Koi and plant materials, and reasonable prices as well . Thank you both for all you have done for me and my fish!!

Kathy T. Pontillo, Bone Appetite, Sarasota, Florida 

Dave did exceptional work on our waterfalls, landscape, lighting, deck and dock.

Sandra Krug, Myakka City

Hire Backyard Getaway – You Won’t Be Disappointed! Excellent artisans! Beautiful work, thorough knowledge of their products and plants. Engaging couple, full of fun, laughter and good will toward others. Seriously, hire them, you will write the same type of review as me!

Brenda S. Bradenton, FL

I’ve watched Backyard Getaway tailor their skills to the needs of their customers and it’s a beautiful thing when you can get what you want, not what the builder wants to give you! They are very nice to work with, lovely people who really, totally care about us and the environment. They know their stuff and they care. What more can you ask for? They installed a pondless waterfall for us. It is a thing of pleasure and beauty. It increased the employees production by lowering stress levels.

Caroline Weise, Eco-Labs, Florida

Dave and Lisa Burns and their son service and solve problems with my koi pond in my front yard. They have been very helpful with anything that I need, including; selling chemicals for the pond, fish food, water plants, pond cleaning,  maintenance, etc.  They are very responsible and helpful with solving problems related to the pond.

Pat Sharp, Sarasota
941-752-POND (7663)