Algae Control Part II


filamentous algae

In part one of algae control we discussed natural ways to control algae in your pond. To re-cap, make sure your pond filter system is adequate, add beneficial bacteria regularly, add plants especially oxygenating ones, do not over stock or over feed your Koi. We also discussed the three most common algae; green water algae, filamentous algae and string algae. There are several remedies that can be applied to your pond, in addition to the natural steps you are taking, to keep your pond healthy if you are still having algae issues.


If you have filamentous algae or so much string algae that the pond is not enjoyable for you any more, you can use fish safe


Green water algae

algaecides to control the algae. Algaecides can be used as a part of a regular maintenance routine. It is important to follow the directions on the label when adding any chemical to your Koi pond. Adding too much can deplete the oxygen which could kill your fish. If there is a lot of dead algae be sure to remove it as it can cause additional water quality issues. There are many algaecides on the market that are safe for Koi as well as for your other pets that may drink from the pond including cats and dogs. Be sure to read the label carefully.
An option for green water algae is to install a UV clarifier. This will clear up the green water within five days and keep it clear up to a year, when it is time to change the UV bulb. Remember UVs only work on green water not string or floating algae. Although UV clarifiers are very popular for Koi keepers, many people do not like the idea of using them because they can kill the good and bad

bacteria if too large of a clarifier is installed. If you are unsure if your water is truly green or if it is a reflection from floating particles or hair algae growing on the sides, take the glass test. Fill a clear glass with pond water; let it set 15-20 minutes undisturbed. If the water is still green you have green water algae, if the particles have settled and the water is clear then you have floating or filamentous algae.

What’s new in algae control? Ion Generator electronic clarifier are the latest in algae control. It is a simple piece of equipment that is installed in line between your pump and water output. It reduces pond maintenance and provides crystal clear water without chemicals. A microprocessor inside the control panel causes the outermost atoms of copper, silver, and zinc to lose an electron


Triton Ionizer from Atlantic Water Gardens

creating a positive ion which will try to flow from one probe to the other. The ion is actually swept away by the flow of water helping to clean the water. One unit will work on a pond up to 25,000 gallons using much less wattage than a UV clarifier with no impact to the fish or beneficial bacteria. Remember some algae in your pond is beneficial and will help create a balanced eco system and a healthy environment for your finned pets.




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