Backyard Buzz

backyard buzzHave you seen the latest buzz? Check out the new and improved Backyard Buzz Show on our Backyard Getaway YouTube channel. In each episode Dave and the Buzz Boys will be sharing, in their own unique way, how-to videos with tutorials on creating decorative and useful items for your yard garden and home, many using re-purposed materials. There will also be on-location behind the scenes videos as we create outdoor living spaces for our customers, as well as tool and landscape tip videos and reviews of the latest and tried & true garden, pet and pond products.

Don’t miss our mailbag segments where the buzz boys answer viewers questions about outdoor living spaces, tools and re-purposing. Send your questions or project ideas to Your question could be answered in our next video!

Coming soon… our online store where you can purchase the Backyard Buzz custom garden art! Check back often to see what’s new!