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Welcome to our Backyard Blog where we share our love of outdoor living, our newest Backyard Getaway projects, community events, “Re-purposed Backyard” art for the garden how-to instructions and product review and how-to videos. To make your visit a little easier we have divided our posts into three categories below or you can simply scroll down to read all our posts.

Backyard Ponderings:

backyard pondering[pon-der] verb to consider thoughtfully; meditate

Backyard Ponder-ing is all about sharing our love of outdoor living with you. Read about our newest Backyard Getaway projects, community events, caring for gardens, ponds and Koi, sustainability and how to enhance your life through outdoor living. Read our latest Backyard Pondering blog post!

Re-Purposed Backyard:

re-purposed backyardThe Re-purposed backyard blog is about making something new out of something old or discarded, creating art out of re-purposed, recycled or re-used items, something fun for your garden or useful for your outdoor living space. What you can create is only limited by what you can imagine. Our re-purposed backyard blog is where we share how-to instructions on what we are creating for our re-purposed backyard. Be sure to visit our Re-purposed Backyard Gallery to view just a few of the many items we have created and read our latest Re-Purposed Backyard blog posts. 

 Backyard Buzz

backyard buzzHave you seen the latest buzz? Visit our Backyard Buzz page or check out the Backyard Buzz on the Backyard Getaway YouTube channel. In each episode Dave tests and reviews the latest and tried & true garden, pet and pond products and shares how -to project instructions. Before you buy or build be sure to get the Buzz!
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Moon Garden

moon garden

We plant our gardens & landscapes full of colorful, flowering plants perfect for daytime viewing. It looks beautiful, the neighbors and passersby admire your garden, but if you are like most people by the time you get home, it is too dark to enjoy your hard work.  There is something mystical & romantic about a garden at night. A moon


Garden Like an Egyptian, the History of Water Gardens

koi pond

Most people, when looking for inspiration for their water garden, think of Koi and Japanese Gardens. You may be surprised to find that the Japanese were not the first culture to keep water in their garden. In fact there are many very diverse cultures that influence today’s water gardens. Diving into the history of water gardens, the earliest depiction of


Easy Garden Pot Bog Filter

aquatic plants

Create an easy garden pot bog filter for your water garden using an ordinary garden pot, pea gravel, tubing a pump & these simple steps!  1. Choose a pot: Glazed terra cotta works well 2. Drill a hole & pipe it: some pots have holes if not drill one to fit the tubing you are using either 1/2″ or 3/4″


Do It Yourself Pond Installation

Did you know that water gardening is the fastest growing segment in the landscape/garden industry? Although professional installers like us are available, with a bit of research & some hard work you can create a beautiful water garden yourself. If you are thinking about adding a do it yourself pond to your yard there are several things you should consider.


Common Koi Health Problems

feeding frenzy

In fall, it is common to see changes in your ponds water quality. Leaves from nearby trees and vegetation are falling in the pond causing the water to turn brown from the tannins in the leaves. The accumulated decaying plant life mixed with fish waste on the bottom of the pond is the perfect breeding ground for anaerobic bacteria as


Rain Garden

memorial garden

Summer in Florida means daily afternoon showers. If you have a low spot in your yard where water collects after a good rain it would make the perfect spot for a rain garden. What is a rain garden? A rain garden is a low-lying area that you plant with native plants that allows rainwater runoff from nearby roofs, driveways, lawns


Floating Salad Bar

aquatic plants

Have you ever thought about growing your own veggie & herb garden but decided against it because you thought it would be too much work or you wouldn’t have time to care for it? Aquatic gardening is just the answer. Aquatic plants are some of the easiest plants to grow & just think you never have to water them. A


Caring for an Earth Bottom Pond

lake fountain

Is there algae & weed growth in your earth bottom pond? Are mosquitos an issue? Treating an earth bottom pond is not that different from treating your water garden. Before you treat it is important to see what is causing the problem, for example: Is the pond in full sun? Is there not enough plant life or aeration? The following components


Tropical vs Hardy Water lilies

water lilies

Of all the water garden plants to choose from the Water lily is the most popular.  They help to shade the pond, protect the fish from the sun and predators and the blooms are amazing. Water lilies are divided into two main types, Hardy and Tropical and their differences are more than skin deep. The biggest difference is how they