Re-purposed Backyard Blog

re-purposed backyard blog hubcap daisyThe Re-purposed backyard blog is about making something new out of something old or discarded, creating art out of re-purposed, recycled or re-used items, something fun for your garden or useful for your outdoor living space. What you can create is only limited by what you can imagine.

Our re-purposed backyard blog is where we will share how-to instructions on what we are creating for our re-purposed backyard. Be sure to visit our Re-purposed Backyard Gallery to view just a few of the many items we have created over the years using re-purposed items. Check back often to see whats new!

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Thank you SPRides

We love being a part of such a wonderful local movement Where else can you meet such fantastic local business owners like Jim Shatz,owner of SPRides? Jim wanted to help promote fellow local businesses and decided to give away 10 ad spaces. You can see our ad as well as 9 other local business ads on the tablets aboard his


Re-purposed Birdfeeder

Anyone who knows us knows that Dave and I both enjoy creating fun garden items out of re-purposed materials. That is why I was thrilled when I received a “care package” from our friend Nancy. A box full of old table legs and finials in various sizes. She knew I was looking for larger table legs to make a couple


Pretty Practical: Edible Landscaping

edible landscaping

Dave and I are excited to announce that we are contributors to the brand new, LiveLocal! Magazine, brought to you by Live Local! magazine, available in print and online, brings expert tips, trends and practical advice from the local businesses, artists and nonprofits that make Tampa Bay a wonderful place to live and work. The first issue premiered in May 2014 and included our


Are You a Re-purposing Newbie?

Recently our niece and her boyfriend moved into their first apartment. Like most of us they are on a budget and wanted to save money but also wanted to add some of their own fun and funky style to their patio. Kayla is no stranger to helping us on smaller re-purposed projects but she’s never tackled a project on her own,


Outdoor Living Projects

 What is outdoor living? It can be many different things to different people. To some it is a beautiful Florida friendly garden, to some it is a place to entertain friends and family and to others it is a place to relax, recharge and getaway from it all. Here are a few of the outdoor living renovation and maintenance projects we


Caterpillars in the Garden


Our grandsons are visiting us for the summer. The oldest, Davey, loves taking pictures of the animals and gardens but especially the bugs and wildlife he discovers while exploring at Fort Getaway. Check out a few of his pictures of the swallowtail caterpillars, chrysalis and butterfly in the garden. While checking out the edible landscape garden he discovered a group of


Attract Birds to Your Pond

Do you enjoy the chirping of song birds in your yard? One of the easiest ways to attract birds to your garden is with water. Water is essential for all birds for both drinking and bathing. Many birds who normally do not visit bird feeders will not be able to resist a pond especially if the water is in motion


Repurposed Bottles

Repurposed Bottles Want a fun way to recycle glass bottles? Many states offer a money back deposit on glass bottles when you return them to the store, but here in Florida the only option is to place them in the recycling bin for pickup or bring them to a recycling center. Why not repurpose your glass bottles into something useful