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re-purposed backyard blog hubcap daisyThe Re-purposed backyard blog is about making something new out of something old or discarded, creating art out of re-purposed, recycled or re-used items, something fun for your garden or useful for your outdoor living space. What you can create is only limited by what you can imagine.

Our re-purposed backyard blog is where we will share how-to instructions on what we are creating for our re-purposed backyard. Be sure to visit our Re-purposed Backyard Gallery to view just a few of the many items we have created over the years using re-purposed items. Check back often to see whats new!

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Pond Lighting for Every Budget

pond lighting

Pond lighting has come a long way in the past few years. We’ve gone from having only submersible halogen lights to having the choice of halogen, LED, solar & fiber optic. There are low voltage lights & solar lights, submersed lights, external lights, floating lights, spotlights, pinpoint lights & even rope lights. All make great additions to your pond viewing


Landscape and PondFree Renovation Project

pondfree renovation

It seems that more and more we are being called to help repair or renovate an existing water feature. As much as we enjoy starting fresh with a blank canvas, we also love these projects, they are  more challenging than starting from scratch. When our customers purchased their home the waterfall was not working properly. They called us to see


Algae Control Part II


In part one of algae control we discussed natural ways to control algae in your pond. To re-cap, make sure your pond filter system is adequate, add beneficial bacteria regularly, add plants especially oxygenating ones, do not over stock or over feed your Koi. We also discussed the three most common algae; green water algae, filamentous algae and string algae.


Summer Clearance Fall Specials

fall special

Summer has come to an end and fall weather is just around the corner. We want to thank our loyal customers with an End of Summer Clearance / Welcome to Fall Special! First check out our Summer Clearance Catalog! We are clearing out our stock to make room for new items. Don’t miss out on huge savings of 25-90% off


Natural Algae Control


Every pond owner has faced the dreaded algae bloom at one time or another while caring for his or her pond. There are several types of algae, the most common being Planktonic (green water) algae, filamentous algae and string or hair algae. Keep in mind that not all algae are bad, and some algae in your pond actually is beneficial, not only for the health of your pond,


Nature Lover’s Bucket List

Have you ever created a bucket list? A list of things you want to accomplish, places to see, people to meet, foods to taste, before you…well you get the idea. Being a gardening fan, I have a nature lover’s bucket list of gardens and parks that I hope to one-day visit. Places that give natural inspiration to create something beautiful.


Gardening with Kids

It seems kids today are spending more time inside on computers and playing video games, instead of playing outside in nature. It is increasingly difficult to get them outside especially during the school year. What if you had a project that would get them outside, allow you to spend time together as a family and teach them about wildlife and


Koi Varieties part III

koi pond

Choosing only three Koi varieties for the last in our series on Koi proved to be a bit difficult. After all, there are hundreds to choose from. Here are three classes that include many sub varieties. Koromo Koromo, which means “robed” in Japanese, is a group of fish that originated in the early 1950s from a cross breeding of male


Koi Varieties part II


In the last blog post we discussed the most popular and readily available “big three” Koi varieties the Kohaku, Sanke and Showa. This time I would like to introduce you to three of my favorite varieties, The Shiro Utsuri, Shusui and Doitsu. Each of these Koi varieties has characteristics that are quite different from each other which make them stand