Backyard Ponderings

LocalShops1 Spotlight Local Entrepreneurial Couples

LocalShops1, with Valentines in mind, asked local business couples how they balance working together with living together.  14 local couples share their secrets to working together without killing each other, how they make it work and what is the best part of working together. Not familiar with LocalShops1? It is a grass roots  coalition of hundreds of independently owned local


Landscape Renovations

Recently Dave spent some time renovating one of our customers entire yard. The front, sides and backyard were all gutted and a new Florida friendly yard was created complete with Xeriscaped plant areas, hardscape paver walkways, a Koi pond and of course some sod for the dogs to play on. Here are a few of the before, during and after


For the Birds

With the arrival of cooler weather many bird species are migrating south for the winter. For our northern neighbors seed and food supplies are depleted due to snow cover while in Florida the supply is low due to the demand. Setting up a birdfeeder or bird feeding station in your garden for the birds can help keep migrating and native


Toxic Plants

versatile plants

We’ve talked about edible pond plants and versatile pond plants that can be used in both the pond and landscape, but did you know that many common garden and water garden plants are toxic?  Some of these commonly used toxic plants can be harmful to our pets as well as to humans. House plants can also be dangerous. Toxic plants that


Garden Green

It seems simple, plant a garden & your helping the environment. The truth is what you plant will determine how much you will need to water, fertilize & spray for pests. It is important to know how your landscape & gardening practices can have both positive & negative effects on Florida’s environment. Below are several sustainable gardening tips you can


Batty for Bats


With Halloween just around the corner I thought it would be fun to share some interesting facts about bats and help put many myths and untruths about bats to rest. For instance, Bats are not blind. They have the same senses we do, sense of smell, hearing, taste, sight and touch. Bats will not attack you and if you see


Pond Lighting for Every Budget

pond lighting

Pond lighting has come a long way in the past few years. We’ve gone from having only submersible halogen lights to having the choice of halogen, LED, solar & fiber optic. There are low voltage lights & solar lights, submersed lights, external lights, floating lights, spotlights, pinpoint lights & even rope lights. All make great additions to your pond viewing


Landscape and PondFree Renovation Project

pondfree renovation

It seems that more and more we are being called to help repair or renovate an existing water feature. As much as we enjoy starting fresh with a blank canvas, we also love these projects, they are  more challenging than starting from scratch. When our customers purchased their home the waterfall was not working properly. They called us to see


Algae Control Part II


In part one of algae control we discussed natural ways to control algae in your pond. To re-cap, make sure your pond filter system is adequate, add beneficial bacteria regularly, add plants especially oxygenating ones, do not over stock or over feed your Koi. We also discussed the three most common algae; green water algae, filamentous algae and string algae.


Summer Clearance Fall Specials

fall special

Summer has come to an end and fall weather is just around the corner. We want to thank our loyal customers with an End of Summer Clearance / Welcome to Fall Special! First check out our Summer Clearance Catalog! We are clearing out our stock to make room for new items. Don’t miss out on huge savings of 25-90% off