Re-Purposed Backyard

Re-purposed Birdfeeder

Anyone who knows us knows that Dave and I both enjoy creating fun garden items out of re-purposed materials. That is why I was thrilled when I received a “care package” from our friend Nancy. A box full of old table legs and finials in various sizes. She knew I was looking for larger table legs to make a couple


Are You a Re-purposing Newbie?

Recently our niece and her boyfriend moved into their first apartment. Like most of us they are on a budget and wanted to save money but also wanted to add some of their own fun and funky style to their patio. Kayla is no stranger to helping us on smaller re-purposed projects but she’s never tackled a project on her own,


Repurposed Bottles

Repurposed Bottles Want a fun way to recycle glass bottles? Many states offer a money back deposit on glass bottles when you return them to the store, but here in Florida the only option is to place them in the recycling bin for pickup or bring them to a recycling center. Why not repurpose your glass bottles into something useful


Repurpose on a dime

re-purposed shower door

  Some time ago, I shared a few interesting items for your garden, manufactured from recycled materials. Purchasing the items made from recycled material is a great way to recycle, but there is an easy way for you to become sustainable without going out and spending money.  Personally, I like the idea of doing more in the way of recycling,


Recycled Plastics for your Garden

No matter where you go, you hear people discussing the virtues of recycling. Personally, I am a huge fan of the “three R’s”; recycle, reduce & reuse, or should I say “four R’s”, have to add my favorite, re-purpose. The environmentally conscious tell us we should avoid purchasing items made with plastic like plastic water bottles or even the plastic