Caring for an Earth Bottom Pond

Is there algae & weed growth in your earth bottom pond? Are mosquitos an issue? Treating an earth bottom pond is not that different from treating your water garden. Before you treat it is important to see what is causing the problem, for example: Is the pond in full sun? Is there not enough plant life or aeration? The following components will all work together to improve water quality and help control aquatic growth and algae:

Aeration – lake_fountain.JPG

Aeration is essential to a clear pond. It helps maintain higher oxygen levels in the pond . It will allow beneficial bacteria to work faster at digesting the nutrients in the pond. Moving water will not allow mosquitoes to breed like they do in stagnant water. Aeration can be added in the form of a decorative fountain or aerators that sit at the bottom of the pond or both. An aerator uses infused air pushing from the bottom of the pond decomposing organic materials instead of accumulating, while a fountain works by re-circulating water from the surface. In a shallow pond a fountain alone will work fine but if your pond is deeper you will want to add an aerator too.

Bacteria –

Adding beneficial bacteria to your pond is extremely helpful in removing excess nutrients built up in the muck. The muck is a contributing factor in future weed & algae growth. Bacteria will also help control odors.

Plants- floating island

Adding Submersed plants (Water Lilies), emersed plants (Arrow head, Cardinal Flower) and oxygenating plants (Anachoris,) to the pond will help shade the pond, raise oxygen levels and help remove nutrients that would otherwise feed the algae. Remember, Aquatic plants, just like your garden or indoor plants will need to be pruned.

Chemical Control –

The use of safe aquatic chemicals is the most common form of treatment. There are many effective treatments available to help get your weed & algae problem under control. Using chemicals does not guarantee that the weeds & algae will not return.

Using aeration, bacteria or chemicals alone will not usually solve the problem. These products used together are very effective at reducing problems and improving water quality. Please contact us for assistance in determining the best plan of action for your pond!

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