Easy Garden Pot Bog Filter

Create an easy garden pot bog filter for your water garden using an ordinary garden pot, pea gravel, tubing a pump & these simple steps! 

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1. Choose a pot: Glazed terra cotta works well
2. Drill a hole & pipe it: some pots have holes if not drill one to fit the tubing you are using either 1/2″ or 3/4″ works well. Length of tubing depends on the distance to the pump.
3. Place it in your pond: easier to do this step before filling with gravel
4. Fill with gravel: fill 3/4 of the way full with pea gravel
5. Plant with bog plants: You can use a variety of aquatic bog plants. I like to use something tall in the center like Mini Papyrus or Golden spears with low spreading plants like mint or creeping jenny
6. Connect to your pump: a small 250gph submersible pump works well with a pot 12″-16″ diameter and turn it on. The water will flow through the pot. The gravel and plants become a natural biological filter for your pond.


Option: use the same method above to create a pondfree water feature. Use a pondfree basin covered with gravel below your pot

It’s important for a balanced pond to have both biological & mechanical filtration. The gravel in the pot is the perfect medium for beneficial bacteria to grow, the pump creates oxygen that is needed for the bacteria growth & the plants help filter out ammonia, nitrites & nitrates.


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