Fall / Winter Pond Checklist

Our fall pond checklist includes some helpful tips to get your pond and Koi ready for cooler weather.

  • Switch from a high protein food to a lower protein food & feed less often. leaves on pebbles
  • Add additional submerged plants to give the fish a place to graze naturally. Add some cool weather plants to replace the more cold sensitive plants.
  • Keep your lilies & aquatic plants well pruned. They will start to produce fewer & smaller leaves. In the south it’s not unusual to see blooms & leaves all year.
  • Stop fertilizing your lilies in October. Don’t fertilize them again until spring. Drop the lilies to a deeper part of the pond where the water will be warmer. Transplant your lilies in the spring giving them fresh soil & new fertilizer.
  • Continue to add beneficial bacteria. This will help keep the biological filter seeded & will help to reduce the build up of muck. Bacteria will help break down heavy build up of muck caused by decaying leaves.
  • Remove fallen leaves from the pond as soon as possible. If you have a large tree over your pond, covering the pond with a leaf net for a few weeks is helpful.

falll pond

  • Check your pump for maintenance. If you have a mag-drive pump it is best to open the pump & clear any leaves or other matter that may jam the pump. Check the impeller to make sure it is working properly.
  • Continue to clean your filters or back flush your systems as usual. You may not have to do this as often. Check your skimmer leaf net more frequently.
  • If you have rock in the bottom of your pond, stream or bog it’s a good idea to “stir it up” to remove the muck & waste so that it can be filtered from the pond.
  • Test your pond as usual keeping an eye on the pH. The pH can drop with out notice especially in colder weather.
  • When doing a water change or adding water to pond make sure to add dechlorinat0r.
  • Add lights to your pond so you can enjoy your pond in the evening.
  • Get out your fire pit, light a fire, sit back & enjoy your pond in the cooler weather.

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