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Backyard Makeover Contest - Backyard Getaway
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Backyard Makeover Contest

In 2009 We decided to put tbackyard makeoverogether a contest giving away an Ultimate Backyard Makeover. The Backyard Makeover contest was hosted online by WQ Magazine. Contestants sent in pictures of their ugly backyard along with stories as to why their backyard was in the most need of a makeover. A panel of impartial judges decided the top 10 entries based on originality and humor. The public then voted on who would win.

The lucky winners, Heather & Joey Patoray, newlyweds, teachers and new home-owners without the money to transform their “barren, dirt wasteland” themselves, received a complete backyard makeover valued at $16,000 that included goods and services donated by 18 local businesses, including ourselves, and 11 manufacturers. The entire project took three days to complete and was taped by a local videographer.

Makeover-060-1280x857.jpgDave and our son, David, were there for the duration, while volunteers pitched in throughout the course of each day, transforming the barren backyard into a tropical oasis. For our portion of the project we created a small tropical water garden with a bench and sandy beach area alongside it, a flagstone walk leading from the back door to the water feature, a small Zen garden tucked in a corner of the yard, a gaming area with horseshoes and xeriscape borders edging the entire backyard. There was also an arbor; a paver patio with seating, a fire pit, lighting and a shade sail; a handcrafted wood shed adjacent to hydro-stacker hydroponic planters; a hand painted rain barrel and a few decorative pieces donated from local artists.

Here are a few images of what took place during the makeover along with the finished space:

Photo credit: Many of the images in this gallery were provided by Michelle Donner Photography

  1. Our yard needs help badly and with 7 people and a dog living in the house I need a place to just get a break!😘

    • Thanks for checking out our gallery. This was a one time contest we held back in 2009 with the help of over 16 local businesses donating their time and goods to make this happen.

  2. Good Afternoon will your team do another giveaway

    • Thanks for checking out our gallery. No, we will not be doing another giveaway, this was a one time contest we held back in 2009 with the help of over 16 local businesses donating their time and goods to make this happen.

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