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Schoolyard Habitats

schoolyard habitati

Backyard Getaway is proud of the work we have done over the years creating schoolyard habitats. A habitat class takes two to three days to complete and is created hands-on by the students at the school. We are only there to guide them through the process. The students take great pride in what they create. Some of the schools even celebrate with ribbon cutting ceremonies. The students participate in every part of the project, from deciding on where to place rocks and plants to digging. Many of the students are surprised to find that what they learned in math and science class is used in creating their habitat. The students learn how to work as a team as well. Each schoolyard habitats become a permanent fixture at each school for students and teachers to enjoy. Each project is also a wonderful learning tool for future students. Click on the images below to see a few pictures from each of the projects we have created at; Nolan Elementary, Haile Middle, Harllee Middle, Lakeview Elementary, Oak Park Elementary and our very first schoolyard habitat at the Manatee Glens ARC live-in facility (adolescent recovery center). If you would like to find out more about our habitat program for your school contact us at

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