Latest Backyard Getaway Landscape Renovations

Dave is busy as ever creating Backyard Getaways for our customers. Here are just a couple before and after images of our latest Backyard Getaway landscape renovations:

A peaceful retreat. Melanie needed to replace sod that was dying and too high near her pool, at the same time she had a wasted space that was covered in shade. We removed the old dead sod, re-leveled and installed new. A new pond-free water feature was added in the shady area with some shade loving plants:

landscape renovation

Robin’s yard was a blank slate literally with nothing but dirt. Now she has room for the dogs to run and enjoy the sun with Bamboo added for privacy and a few pretty little touches:



Some getaways need just a bit of tidying up ….

This eclectic hideaway is full of little surprises, many hand crafted by the owner, Dennie. She loves re-purposed art. She needed a bit of help moving a few plants, weeding, mulching and trimming some overgrown plants:

eclectic garden


Others need regular maintenance to keep the leaves and weeds under control. Bridget has big beautiful trees that are constantly dropping leaves. Dave regularly maintains her landscape removing the leaves, weeding and trimming :

landscape maintenance


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