Moon Garden

white flower

We plant our gardens & landscapes full of colorful, flowering plants perfect for daytime viewing. It looks beautiful, the neighbors and passersby admire your garden, but if you are like most people by the time you get home, it is too dark to enjoy your hard work.  There is something mystical & romantic about a garden at night. A moon garden is something you can create for you. Filled with white or pale flowers like Moonflower, Evening Primrose, Silver Sheath Raoulia and Angel’s trumpet and silvery foliage like Dusty Millers, Lamb’s Ears and Silver Thyme a moon garden or white garden will seem to glow in the dark.  In Florida, it is a space enjoyed year round when planted with a wide variety of annuals, perennials, bulbs, vines, shrubs and trees that bloom at different times of the year. Can you think of a better way to relax and unwind after a long day at work then spending some quiet time in your moon garden? In the darkness there are no colors, we can only perceive black, white & shades of gray, that is why we plant white or very pale colored flowers that seem to float or pop in the dark.

moonflowerYour sense of hearing and smell will be heightened due to the darkness, so it is equally important to add moving water and fragrant flowers to your garden (Night Phlox, Gladiolus, Night Blooming Jasmine and Rosemary our very aromatic flowers that bloom at night).  Moving water is a must in every garden but in a moon garden, your pond will take on a completely new life with the moon dancing off the water. Adding pond lighting will help highlight the glistening water of a waterfall. Your moon garden can also be a wonderful space for entertaining friends. If large trees shadow your moon garden, adding a few well placed landscape lights or a fire pit will help enhance the glow of your flowers.

DustyMillerClimbing Roses or Clematis on a trellis will create a nice focal point while dark tall hedges make the perfect backdrop, giving your white garden a sense of privacy. Basswood, Night blooming Ruellia, Evening Primrose, Yucca, Silver Croton and Moonflower are just a few of the many native plants that will work beautifully in your moon garden. For a truly sustainable moon garden, install an automatic drip irrigation system fed from a rain barrel.

Remember, your moon garden is your garden so it is completely up to you whether you plant a formal or informal garden and what you plant in your space. Whatever you decide to plant be sure to add a bench or comfortable chair of some kind where you can sit, allowing your eyes to adjust & your worries fade away. The best part is you will not even notice the weeds that need pulling so you can truly relax.

photo credit: QUOI Media via photopin cc

photo credit: bobfranklin via photopin cc

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