Outdoor Living Projects

 What is outdoor living? It can be many different things to different people. To some it is a beautiful Florida friendly garden, to some it is a place to entertain friends and family and to others it is a place to relax, recharge and getaway from it all. Here are a few of the outdoor living renovation and maintenance projects we have worked on over the last few months.

Landscape maintenance: One of our regular customers has Dave visit monthly to clean her pond and to weed and remove leaves from her yard to keep her landscape beautiful.

landscape maintenance

The eclectic garden below is full of fun and creative personal touches.Dave and David spent a few days weeding the gardens and laying new mulch. Dave returned a couple weeks later to install the dry creek bed below.

Eclectic Garden maintenance

This little preform the owner installed was in need of some updating and no job is too small. A preform doesn’t have to look like a preform with a nice little waterfall.

preform re-do

Another small border renovation


This pond was “caving” in. Without the proper foundation many pond owners find that the dirt behind the liner will cave under the liner making the liner push up causing bumps in the sides and bringing the bottom up so the pond is very shallow. On top of this issue the pond liner was leaking due to mice that were chewing through from the mounds of dirt on the side. Dave removed the old liner, created a frame using cement block and rebar and added new liner. The frame will also keep the mice away from the liner.

  pond redo

 Here is a front yard renovation


This pond sits outside a local business, Tinsworth Orthodontics , it hadn’t been working properly in some time. The guys drained the pond and pressure washed and vacuumed out years of muck and plant roots, removed the overgrown aquatic plants, added waterlilies and size appropriate marginals. The pictures do not do it justice.

business pond clean up

 Here is the dry creek bed I mentioned above. This was added to help with drainage in the yard. No more standing water and a nice visual addition to the garden.

Dry Creek Bed Drainage

We receive many calls and emails from customers asking if we do more than just ponds and water gardens, many of them do not realize we offer outdoor living services like sod installation, landscape renovations and maintenance.

landscape renovation

If you enjoy a nice lawn or have pets, border gardens and container gardens are a nice option for adding color to your yard.


A Florida friendly landscape will include not only Florida friendly plants & mulch but the use of hardscaping and waterscaping to reduce lawn area. Mulch and rock create nice pathways through your outdoor living space and gardens, while a water feature will add a calming element and attract wildlife.

outdoor living

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