Pretty Practical: Edible Landscaping

Dave and I are excited to announce that we are contributors to the brand new, LiveLocal! Magazine, brought to you by Live Local! magazine, available in print and online, brings expert tips, trends and practical advice from the local businesses, artists and nonprofits that make Tampa Bay a wonderful place to live and work. The first issue premiered in May 2014 and included our article on edible landscaping along with bonus planting tips.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Pretty Practical: Edible Landscaping

edible landscapeEdible landscaping has been around as long as gardening itself and is growing in popularity. It’s no longer your Grandma’s garden with rows of the same vegetables in a square plot. And no longer do you have to keep your flower garden separate from your fruits and veggies.

These days, creating an edible landscape combines the use of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers (both edible and ornamental). Your landscape can be beautiful and sustainable.

There are many factors to consider when planting an edible landscape: for instance what, when and where to plant; access to the garden and maintenance schedule. The rule of thumb for the most edibles is to plant in well-drained soil and in direct sunlight. Many smaller fruit trees, like blueberry or elderberry can be planted as hedges, while raspberries and tomatoes can be trained to cover your fence or arbor…

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