Re-purposed Birdfeeder

Anyone who knows us knows that Dave and I both enjoy creating fun garden items out of re-purposed materials. That is why I was thrilled when I received a “care package” from our friend Nancy.

table legs

A box full of old table legs and finials in various sizes. She knew I was looking for larger table legs to make a couple larger dragonflies for my garden fence and offered to send me some. Faced with the box full of goodies, I started thinking of what else I could make. Oh the possibilities, candlesticks, dragonflies, Christmas angels and bird feeders were just a few ideas that came to mind.


Since I already had a couple cute teacups sitting around waiting to be used in a project I decided to make a re-purposed birdfeeder. This project is extremely simple. First sand and paint the table leg a color of your choice and let dry. Next, using E-6000 or an exterior caulk, glue the saucer to the top flat part of the leg and glue the cup to the saucer. Once dry plant in the garden and fill with birdseed. How cute are these re-purposed birdfeeders?

re-purposed birdfeeder

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