Are You a Re-purposing Newbie?

Recently our niece and her boyfriend moved into their first apartment. Like most of us they are on a budget and wanted to save money but also wanted to add some of their own fun and funky style to their patio. Kayla is no stranger to helping us on smaller re-purposed projects but she’s never tackled a project on her own, yes she is a re-purposing newbie. She called one afternoon to say she wanted to create a bench for her patio using pallets, she knew her uncle had a stockpile of pallets that she could raid. Checking on pinterest she found tons of ideas and designs but decided it was best to start from scratch and create her own design to fit her space.

pallet bench

Since their apartment is on the second floor she wanted something she could easily take apart to move up stairs. Stacking the pallets was the obvious choice and stacking three pallets on top of each other turned out to be the perfect height for the seat. Using a full pallet would be too wide, so she decided to cut the pallets down to about 24″ wide. A brace taken from another pallet was added inside the cut side of the pallet seat. This project had a lot of firsts for Kayla. This was the first time she used a circular saw and a screw gun…

 re-purposing newbie    screwgun


She wanted the back to be high enough to accommodate the large cushions she had. A full pallet was used standing up right behind the stacked seat. The arms came as an after thought using the discarded cuts.

bench    bench 2

She decided to paint the pallets black and covered the cushions with fabric she purchased from a yard sale. All the materials for this project, except the screws and spray paint, were re-purposed including the cushions which came from her grandparents old camper. The bench is held together using 3″ wood screws. Check out the completed bench. What do you think?

pallet bench


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